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Is kana sufficient to write Japanese?

There is a recurring theme on a lot of blogs and forums that Japanese can only be written intelligibly using kanji. They have the idea that Japanese written only in kana (or romaji) cannot hold enough information and becomes difficult … Continue reading

24. May 2011 by ロバート
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Japanese Courses in Sheffield

I read some comments made by Amelia Cook of Chocochip Languages on a (ill concieved) campaign against romaji web site today. Based solely on the level-headedness of her comments, she comes across as an enthusiastic, thoughtful and caring teacher who … Continue reading

24. April 2011 by ロバート
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さよなら Smart.fm

Smart.fm, formally know as iKnow, is going back to its original name and going behind a paywall. Quite a steep paywall as well at 1000円 or $12 a month. And in the process finally abandoning the last of the community/social … Continue reading

01. February 2011 by ロバート
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More Heisig Musings

I never learn, so “once more unto the breach..” I am interested in how people learn and the problems of kanji and language in particular. The topic rises again and again on forums so I’ve been thinking a bit more … Continue reading

07. January 2010 by ロバート
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Hiroshima Day

Yesterday I had my closest encounter with the bombing of Hiroshima. Closer than having been in Hiroshima and seen the remains and memorials. Closer than seeing documentaries, and reading contemporary accounts. Closer than touching a stunted tree that survived the … Continue reading

06. August 2009 by ロバート
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Pitch Accent in Japanese

This post is prompted by an article on Doug’s blog Japan: Life and Religion. It made me think again of the issue of pitch accent in Japanese; a recurring topic on BBSes and Blogs but rarely covered in textbooks or … Continue reading

13. May 2009 by ロバート
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