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Is kana sufficient to write Japanese?

There is a recurring theme on a lot of blogs and forums that Japanese can only be written intelligibly using kanji. They have the idea that Japanese written only in kana (or romaji) cannot hold enough information and becomes difficult … Continue reading

24. May 2011 by ロバート
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Is Romaji a bad idea?

Romaji is the way of writing Japanese using the Roman alphabet. I have often seen posts on Japanese learning sites debating whether using romaji is a good idea or a bad idea. I think it has its uses.

06. February 2008 by ロバート
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にほんごをまなぼう Lets Study Japanese

にほんごをまなぼう Lets Study Japanese is an interactive site based around school activities made by the Japanese Ministry of Education. It is almost completely in Japanese. There are some English explanations of what to do, but otherwise it’s an immersive program. You … Continue reading

04. December 2007 by ロバート
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World of Where

Today I bought a little shareware program because it was on special offer. World of Where is a geography quiz program. But the attraction for Japanese learners is that you can run it in Japanese. I bought it to help … Continue reading

14. August 2007 by ロバート
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Maniackers Design Fonts

A design group that makes many fonts for free download, mainly katakana display faces but there is one kanji font albeit without the full range of glyphs. The display fonts show just how difficult a language can be to read … Continue reading

02. June 2007 by ロバート
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Nuku is a small program that quizzes you on Katakana and Hiragana characters. You choose which characters to be tested on, then choose the amount of characters to be used in a test and/or a time limit. The program shows … Continue reading

02. June 2007 by ロバート
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