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Japanese Courses in Sheffield

I read some comments made by Amelia Cook of Chocochip Languages on a (ill concieved) campaign against romaji web site today. Based solely on the level-headedness of her comments, she comes across as an enthusiastic, thoughtful and caring teacher who … Continue reading

24. April 2011 by ロバート
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さよなら Smart.fm

Smart.fm, formally know as iKnow, is going back to its original name and going behind a paywall. Quite a steep paywall as well at 1000円 or $12 a month. And in the process finally abandoning the last of the community/social … Continue reading

01. February 2011 by ロバート
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Kanji Clinic

Kanji Clinic 漢字クリニック is a bi-monthly column in the Japan Times. It covers (as the name might suggest) Kanji. All previous columns are archived at the site as well as articles on kanji learning and links to kanji related sites. … Continue reading

28. November 2010 by ロバート
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Frank Chickens, Comedy Gods, Ride Again!

My friends Frank Chickens have become the obscure outsider candidate in a Rage Against The Machine style attempt to subvert the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy God Award public vote. It all started with a rant by Stewart Lee at the organisers … Continue reading

24. July 2010 by ロバート
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Crack appears in Mixi’s exclusion method

Two years ago mixi started requiring a Japanese email address in order to sign up to mixi. It seems that what they are doing is filtering for undesirable domains. Hence google mail etc are being barred, Japanese keitai are not. … Continue reading

12. March 2010 by ロバート
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Japanese Blog in German

I got a nice email from the author of futurefire, a blog about Japanese study written in German, so I went to check out her site. I can’t read German but I’m sure it would be useful if you can. … Continue reading

28. January 2010 by ロバート
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