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Requiem for Battleship Yamato

Yamato sank and her giant body lies shattered 200 miles northwest of Tokunoshima. 430 meters down. Three thousand corpses, still entombed today. What were their thoughts as they died? In April 1945, Yoshida Mitsuru was a junior officer stationed on … Continue reading

20. February 2010 by ロバート
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Falling Blossom

Falling Blossom– A British officer’s enduring love for a Japanese woman. by Peter Pagnamenta & Momoko Williams published by Century I found a very interesting book in a second hand bookshop at the weekend. (I buy almost any book about … Continue reading

19. April 2008 by ロバート
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漢字練習ノート・小学2年生 • Kanji Practice Notebook Grade 2

漢字練習ノート・小学2年生 author: 下村昇 published by: 偕成社 Inspired by the upcoming Kanken test in June I went looking for some Kanji texts in JP Books yesterday. This workbook is one of the two books I bought. It is a companion volume to … Continue reading

06. April 2008 by ロバート
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Hiroshima – melted people

Hiroshima by: John Hershey pub: Penguin In January I visited Hiroshima. I’m not sure I wanted to. I was going there on a recommendation of a friend to see bugaku at Miyajima shrine near Hiroshima. I was afraid Hiroshima would … Continue reading

26. March 2008 by ロバート
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The Teahouse Fire

The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery published by Vintage Originals This is a very interesting debut novel by Ellis Avery. What struck me most about it is the author had obviously learnt Japanese and learnt it in some depth. Usually … Continue reading

11. March 2008 by ロバート
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Social Histories of Japan 2 – Autobiography of a Geisha

Autobiography of a Geisha by Sayo Masuda pub: Vintage Second in my short series about social histories of Japan. Usually when you think of geisha you have an image of elegance in Kyoto. And geisha are adamant about how their … Continue reading

05. March 2008 by ロバート
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