Displaying Japanese

If you can’t see Kanji and kana here
—>漢字 カタカナ ひらがな<—-
your browser or system is not displaying Japanese.

If you think your system has Japanese fonts installed it could be that your browser is not recognising the page’s text encoding (it should do this automatically when parsing the html file). This page is in Unicode (UTF-8). You should check that your browser is set to the correct text encoding.
Unfortunately telling you how to set text encoding for each browser is beyond the scope of this page.

If you don’t think that Japanese fonts and System Software are installed on your computer you need to go to one of the following sites to get instructions on setting up your system to use Japanese.
Linux try here

But after all that this site doesn’t have that much Japanese on it, because I don’t know much yet. So it should be just as readable without Japanese support on your computer as with it. It’ll just look a little strange at times.

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  1. Your site is really useful.I hope I can read kanji someday.
    Thank you very much ^^

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