Chika-san’s Verbs

Here are Chika-san’s verb cards in html format.

At the moment there are 4 pages (36 verbs) with audio and 13 without. And you can chose between audio on or off and what form appears on the flip side of the card. The audio is in mpeg4 format. I recommend Quicktime from Apple to play it. The pages need to run in frames to make the audio work and will open in a new window; unfortunatly you can’t bookmark anything.
At present the audio seems only to work in Safari on the Mac.

On the pages click the mouse button on any picture to get the dictionary, masu form, te form and nai form. Hopefully there are no errors.

There are also the kanji for the verbs. Most are correct but for some I might not have chosen the correct one between honomyns. I have used kanji in the hope that in seeing them repeatedly while learning the verbs, I will be able to recognise them and begin to read them.

I hope the cards are useful for you. I hope to put sound to all of them eventually and may add new forms and verbs as I learn more. Feel free to make suggestions. (ps. there is no sound to go with kangaeru at the moment as I recorded the wrong verb at the recording session.)


Thanks to Chika Nakagawa (千賀さん)for allowing me to use her great drawings. Chika-san drew these as class materials for her Japanese course which I’ve been attending now for 3 years.

Also Thanks to 市川智弘さん (Tomohiro-san) for allowing me to record his voice for the new flashcards.