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Robert belton author of しあわせ

I’ve put these pages together to list software, webpages, books and movies I’ve come across while studying Japanese. Share what little wisdom or opinions I have about Japanese. I hope it will be a useful starting point for others and maybe give some help and inspiration.

In my early twenties (1980s) I practised Judo and Go. At the time I was also interested in Kanji but could only find a Chinese dictionary in the local library. Chinese’s tonal system put me off trying to learn it and Japanese seemed far too difficult.

I started learning Japanese in January 2004.
Mainly it was to learn something new and I’d thought about Japanese for a while without doing anything about it. I had been watching a lot of Ghibli films in the original Japanese. It seemed like a good idea. And it is. It’s fun to learn something new for no reason but the doing of it.

In 2005 I went to Japan for the first time.

It’s an amazing country. It’s strange to say I didn’t intend to go to Japan when I started learning Japanese but I’m really glad I did. If you’re learning Japanese you’ve got to go there someday.
I’ve been back 3 times 5 times 6 times 7 times now. In December 2008 I got married in Nagoya to Yuka.

In December 2005 I took (and passed) JLPT 4 and in 2007 passed JLPT 3.

I tried to participate meaningfully on the JapanesePod101 forums until they were no longer fun. I continue to try to blog in Japanese on mixi.

This blog started around the same time I started learning Japanese slowing picking up the pace until I tried posting something here at least once a week, but is slightly in hiatus now.

It’s worth pointing out I’m no expert and my opinion is probably no more or no less valid than the next persons. I’m just someone who is learning Japanese and who enjoys it.
I can honestly say it has changed my life.
It makes me しあわせ

Robert Belton

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