The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary for iOS – re-released


The KKLD has made a reappearance in the iTunes store. It was mysteriously pulled about 2 years ago when it was originally published by Enfour. At the time I wondered if there was a rights dispute over the electronic version. Did Casio have exclusive rights perhaps? We’ll never know. Now it’s being published directly by CJKI. Unfortunately they see it as a new product so I’d need to stump up £15 if I want it. I think I’ll wait until my current copy breaks under after a system upgrade.

It now has iPad support and the SKIP search system has been improved, although I think SKIP is past its best-by date. Multi-radical is better suited to computers, or direct drawn input on iOS.

It’s an excellent kanji dictionary however and despite its relatively expensive price for an iOS app it’s a bargain compared to a print edition. I recommend it.

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04. April 2012 by ロバート
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