I’ve started a microblog on posterous for briefer posts and interesting pages that don’t seem to be appropriate for this site. There will probably be posts about FileMaker as I continue with the Kanji Sieve project. Eventually I’ll sort out the RSS feed display and there will be a listing in the sidebar.

しあわせ microblog

09. November 2010 by ロバート
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  1. Hi there,

    I visited your microblog recently (I like it), but I noticed that only registered users can leave comments. Do you know of a way to allow anonymous or other blog users to leave comments?

    • Hi Doug,
      Thanks for wanting to comment. I didn’t realise the settings were that draconian. Posterous doesn’t seem to have spam filters… but I’ve opened up the comments and I’ll see how it goes.
      I’ve got to post more this year… and study more Japanese!


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