Kon Satoshi 1963 – 2010

I was sad to see the death of animator Kon Satoshi 今 敏 reported on Boing Boing today.
He was one of my favourite film-makers. He made animated films with serious themes aimed at adults.
I remember thinking “They broadcast this on TV?!” when watching Paranoia Agent with it’s storylines exploring bullying, prostitution, and Internet suicide pacts. Indeed the episode concerning the suicide pact had cuts made to it in the UK. He depicted a modern Japan much darker than I’ve seen portrayed in other anime. It could have been live action but somehow by being animated it is hyper-real in an odd way.
I thoroughly recommend, Tokyo Godfathers (東京ゴッドファーザーズ (great Christmas movie!), Millennium Actress 千年女優 and the series Paranoia Agent 妄想代理人.

––update 05Sep10––
His last words (posted online by his family) have been translated into English by Makikoh Ito on her blog. (as well as some notes on her translation). They’re very sad in many ways. My thoughts go out to his wife and parents.
I’m of a similar age to Kon Satoshi and will never have even a fraction of his talent or accomplishments…
In rely to his おさきに I offer お疲れさま and  ごきげんよう
(My Japanese Father-in-law died from cancer last year. I never really got to know him because my Japanese was never good enough, but language and cultural gulf notwithstanding he welcomed me into his family. I doubt I will ever have a fraction of his talent and accomplishment either.)

This is a one minute short part of the Ani*Kuri15 project for NHK.
It’s a good example of his style.

25. August 2010 by ロバート
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