Nintendo DSi LL


Or outside of Japan the DSi XL. But a friend has brought me a Japanese DSi LL a month or so ahead of the European launch. Who needs an Apple iPad?
It’s a really nice gadget. It feels much more substantial than a DS lite. There’s a big difference in build quality. The bigger screens make a huge difference, the pixel count is the same but the size matters it makes it more like a computing device rather than a gaming device. On the Japanese version you get a nice DSi Ware built in dictionary,明鏡国語楽引辞典 , if you haven’t already got something similar already as a cartridge for the DS 漢字そのままDS楽引辞典, and two brain training type games, one kanji, one maths.

A partial drawback is that unlike the DS lite, the interface is localised. It has a Japanese system and that’s all. At this stage I feel confident enough to manage but once it would have been very much a click and hope for the best affair.
Another drawback that I didn’t anticipate is that they’ve changed the power plug shape and the AC/DC adapter isn’t universal volyage. I can’t use my existing USB lead or power supply from my DS lite. I have to get a UK adapter or a step down transformer so I can charge the battery. doh!

The advantages of a Japanese model. I have it a month before most people, it’s a little cheaper, I could have gotten a white one (I went with red, it’s fairly smart) but most of all I will have potential access to Japanese region locked software. I won’t miss the region locked European software as almost all the titles I own are Japanese. I don’t see that changing. I bought my original DS lite to use in learning Japanese. The LL is an upgrade for it.
It is by no means as capable as an iPad might be. BUT it is here now, it’s cheaper and for the moment the software available for learning Japanese and the ability to haave written kanji input makes it much more useful to me.
If the iPad ever gets proper pen input and development of good kanji titles that might well change but I think that will take at least a year or two; an ice age in computing terms.
Now to get my transformer, and a little help from my wife to get the Internet and DS shop working!

09. February 2010 by ロバート
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