Kanken Kanji Aptitude Test London 2009


This years Kanken Kanji Aptitude Test will be held at SOAS London on Sunday the 8th of November. The deadline for applications is Monday 5th October. It is possible to sit more than one level of the test on the day and the test fee is a reasonable £23 to £35 per paper.
I need a bit more motivation or focus in my Japanese studies so I’ll give it a go this year. Last year unfortunately I couldn’t sit it.
JLPT candidates could give it a go as a bit of a warm-up for the JLPT. Heisig devotees could prove their real competence and their method’s efficacy by passing level 2 perhaps. Hell I’d be impressed if they could pass level 5 after a couple of years starting from scratch.

24. July 2009 by ロバート
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  1. Hm, now I am intrigued about this test. Not sure if it’s hosted in the US, but will take a look. On the previous post on the subject, I loved the quote by Xiaolu Guo. Reminds me of an article from the Onion (a joke of course):


    Good luck on taking the test.

  2. P.S. “Heisig devotees”… I take it you are not one? I haven’t tried the method myself. Happy with using Anki and such for now. :)

  3. Hi Doug,
    No I’m not a fan of Heisig. Does it show? w Too many things annoy me about it.
    I believe there’s a better middle way for learning kanji as a second language learner.
    Break them down but use an order based on the grade school system or frequency of use. Learn the readings by matching them to words already in your vocabulary. Read.
    A mixture of kanji odyssey and 下村昇 ‘s kanji books. (That’s a précis of about 4 half written blog posts!)

    I like that Onion article! 笑

    It is held in America as well but not near Seattle though
    I wonder how difficult it is for a school or institute to apply to administer it.

  4. Are model papers/ past papers available anywhere?

  5. You can find examples on the kanken site.
    Unfortunately it uses frames so I can’t give you a direct link.
    go to the 8th pop-up list on the left hand side of the page. 出題問題ー過去問題

    If you want printed examples, they publish very good books of example tests or stepped learning with tests.
    Available at most Japanese bookstores or Amazon.jp

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