Urashima Taro Puppet Show – updated.

I was recently sent a press release by Nakamura Aya-san the creator / performer of the interesting puppet performance Urashima Taro. It’s nice to see that the people I write about read my little blog, if a little daunting at times though.
The show has now finished development and is showing at various venues in London.
I saw the show for the first time last May and it should be interesting to see how it has developed.
I can heartily recommend Shunt as a venue and night out, so combine it with seeing this play.

From Nakamura Aya-san

Rouge28 Theatre is presenting the final stage of Urashima Taro. This piece
combines bunraku-style puppetry, Japanese toy theatre, shadows and dramatic
acting to unfold a cruel and sinister tale inspired by an ancient Japanese myth.
It tells the story of a young fisherman who finds himself trapped by some
mysterious ladies.

We have received support from Arts Council England, UK-Japan 150, the Puppet
Centre Trust and Central School of Speech and Drama to develop this final stage
of the piece.

We will be performing Urashima Taro between mid-March and mid-April at Shunt
Lounge, Little Angel Theatre, Horse+Bamboo Theatre Centre and Central School of
Speech and Drama. You can find details bellow.

The performance at the Little Angel Theatre will be followed by a discussion
about the influence of Bunraku on contemporary British Theatre. Guest speakers
will include Nenagh Watson (former doo-cot) and Mark Down (Blind Summit).


- Horse+Bamboo Theatre Centre in Rosendale (Lancashire) on Friday the 13th
of March at 7.30pm.

- Shunt Lounge on 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th of March and 1st, 3rd and 4th of
April at 8pm except Saturdays at 9pm. You can not book performances in advance,
all tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis.

- Little Angel Theatre on Thursday the 2nd of April at 8pm.

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