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I’ve been wondering lately if I should allow comments here. This is actually the second time I’ve posted this piece. I pulled it the last time.

At first I used WordPress more as a content management tool. しあわせ started as a static website. I can’t remember why I decided to shift to WordPress actually.

This is just hobby stuff really. I spend rather than make any money on it. I’m not even sure why I’m shouting into the void of the web about these various topics. Something to do I guess. The 21st century equivalent of writing manifestos on a wall.

But I saw a video of a presentation by Liz Strauss at WordCamp Dallas and I think her call of “C’mon Let’s Talk!” inspired me a bit.

I’ve sporadically commented on other blogs. Mostly I prefer bulletin boards for discussions such as JapanesePod101 or BigHeadedMan Club. I always try to comment on friends posts on mixi and always reply there.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been commenting on HaikuGirl’s blog and I read a post on commenting at WeblogTools that I’m pondering opening comments.

My concerns might be
1. Is commenting suitable for the post. I don’t think a lot of what I write needs commenting on. How do you comment on a post about what films are upcoming for instance.
But sometimes in comments there can be extra useful information and discussion.

2. Spam Hopefully Askimet will catch it, but it’s boring to deal with spam. When I look at places like MySpace and YouTube the comments are … spammy. I might need to keep comments for people who can be bothered to register. I need to think of an incentive to register for that matter.

3. Quality of comment. At the risk of offending, I’d want some quality beyond hi there. (and pingbacks what the hell are they about?) I’d be tempted to have draconian comment vetting. Which might mean people don’t comment. But while I’m all for free speech, this is my kingdom, you can start your own blog should you feel the need to rant.

4. No one comes to play This is a very minor blog. I consider 100 visitors in a day really good, but don’t drop below 30 most days. When I got linked the other day from 2ch I got a big spike, I was once stumbled on and got an enormous spike (for me).
But if comments are open and then there are none, it’ll feel like tumbleweeds blowing through! My teacher Chika-san had this feeling maybe on her class site. There must be around 100 students but few comments or participation.

So this post is open to comments.
And when I have the time I’ll open up my other posts.

The policy is Play nice, Help each other, Don’t make a mess. Just like kindergarten really.


10. April 2008 by ロバート
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