Upcoming films at ICA London

I missed the screening of Sakuran at the ICA last week and that prompted me to check the listings.
(Sakuran is on DVD with English subs in Japan so I’ll probably get it there before any release in the UK)

There are two films screening in the next months.

White Light/Black Rain
the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Part of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival at the ICA this is a documentary about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings. It is told through interviews with surviving Hibakusha as well as Americans involved in dropping The Bomb.

I’ve visited Hiroshima so I think it will be interesting to see this film. However the last documentary I saw about Hiroshima, Hiroshima by the BBC, made me quite sad at the complete and utter waste and destruction of ordinary people’s lives who were powerless compared to the military governments of America and Japan.

(My own view on the dropping of the bomb is that it was a live fire experiment to make the Russians wary. It wasn’t targeted on a military site, which would have been the harbour not the centre of the city. It was targeted on a city deliberately spared earlier bombing raids so the effects could be easily seen. Japan was already defeated; given the smallest amount of time they would have surrendered. Okinawa was the last gasp of their Army and Navy. An invasion should not have been necessary. It was an act of revenge and an experiment. Japan committed many atrocities in China and elsewhere but that was no excuse for America to commit their own; they were meant to be the good guys.

All we can hope for is to learn from it so such things don’t happen again. Unfortunately I don’t really have that much faith in humanity and think it’s only time before something far worse will happen.)

HBO website

White Light/Black Rain is screening on the 19th March only. Tickets £8


Death Note

A drama based on the manga and anime of the same name.
This is a good film. The basic premise is “what would you do if you could kill anyone at will, and get away with it?” When a schoolboy finds a Death God’s notebook and discovers that by writing someone’s name in it he can kill them, we find out the answer to this question.
This is actually part one of a two part film. Death Note: The Last Name will be showing at the ICA in the summer.

I prefer the anime myself but these films are a faithful re-working of the original story. I’d recommend it.

Death Note article on Wikipedia

Death Note is screening from the 25th to the 30th of April. Tickets £8

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