Adventures in Heisig • day 1

…in which I begin the experiment

Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji continually comes up in any forum about learning kanji. So for better or worse I decide to check it out and see if I can complete the course. (I’ll have a review of the book here soon) And partly for myself, partly as a blogging topic and partly for anyone contemplating using Heisig I’ll chart my progress here.

OK. After reading a bit about it I bought the book. £20 from The Japan Centre.
I am sceptical and have reservations but am willing to experiment. I don’t think it can do any harm.

Lesson 1 16 kanji.
I already know these.

Register on Reviewing the Kanji web site. A very useful site for this endeavour.

But as I like to be able to work offline a set of computer flashcards is needed too. Anki has a good built in set. iFlash has a set in the deck library but the author didn’t number them so all 2000 or so are only in alphabetical order.

lesson 2 19 kanji
古 吾 冒 朋 明 唱 晶 品 呂 昌 早 旭 世  胃 旦 胆  亘 凹 凸
due to the novel order some are new to me

36 is enough for day 1 reviewed and (for now) remembered.

peeves du jour
An insistence that stroke order is important but no explanation as to why this is so. nor are the simple principles of stroke order and drawing kanji properly spelt out.

I realise Heisig came up with this method in the days before word processing (1977) but you can only type kanji if you know some reading of the kanji (not necessarily the correct one). Helpfully I can cut and paste from Reviewing the Kanji, and they also give an On reading in their listings. But a lack of Japanese readings will be a hindrance until I can put proper readings to the kanji. But to be fair it’s not the point of the task as it is set out.

nightbreak is an annoying keyword for 旦 (dawn), but annoying enough to be memorable.
I find myself looking up “actual” or more conventional keywords.
The religious stories are already starting. 溜め息
His stories are overly verbose as well.
Baseball as a derived meaning for 九 is ridiculous. and spurious.

This going to be harder to persevere with than I initially thought.

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