London Film Festival 2007

The program for the 51st LFF has been published and bookings open at the end of this month.

This year I see 7 films from Japan listed as well as 2 shorts. None of which I’ve seen before although a couple of directors I’m familiar with; such as Kitano Takeshi, the famous actor/director; Nobuhiro Yamashita, the director of リンダリンダリンダ; and Masayuki Suo, the director of Shall We Dansu.

Does Your Soul Have a Cold? Sun 21 Oct, Tue 23 Oct Documentary.
EXTE – hair extensions Thur 25 Oct, Fri 26 Oct
Glory to the Filmaker Thur 18 Oct. Kitano Takeshi
I Just Didn’t Do It Fri 26 Oct, Mon 29 Oct. Masayuki Suo
Matsugane Potshot Affair Tue 23 Oct, Wed 24 Oct. Nobuhiro Yamashita
Mourning Forest Sun 28 Oct, Tue 30 Oct
Vexille Sat 20 Oct, Sun 21 Oct. CG Anime

Ticket prices are from £6, £8.50 or £11 depending on time and venue.

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17. September 2007 by ロバート
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