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NoteBook 2.1 from Circus Ponies Software

I use my MacBook a lot to learn Japanese. I’ve got so many clippings from websites, stray urls, little notes I’ve written scattered all over my harddrive. I’ve also got loads of barely organised pieces of paper with notes. The solution? NoteBook!

This is a very clever idea. On the face of it this program is a sort of a notebook with divided sections, but when you look closer there’s so much more. It automatically indexes everything you put in it for starters. As a clippings book it will keep the formatting and pictures of a web page you clip to it and keep the url so you can go back to the original. You can set up a clippings System Service in OSX that will clip highlighted items to your notebook. You could have multiple notebooks to clip into. I have this service on my contextual menus using OpenMenu X. This way it’s very simple to copy anything on my computer into my notebook. Interesting webpages, interesting search results in my dictionary, whatever I want.

I can also write direcly into Notebook as a set of expandble entries. Entries can be linked to each other, rearranged, linked to webpages, highlighted, I’ve only scratched the surface so far.

I might not be that much better at study but at least I can now find things again more easily.

If you find it interesting the best place to start is looking at the video tour on their site which will explain things more clearly than I can.

30. August 2007 by ロバート
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