Premiere Japan ’07

New Japanese Cinema at BAFTA.

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of September the Japanese Embassy is showing free Japanese films at BAFTA on Picadilly.

The films are
Memories of Tomorrow Tsutsumi Yukihiko 122 mins
Ten Nights of Dreams ten directors! 110 mins
Hula Girls Lee Sang-il 110 mins
(Screening followed by a Q&A session with director Lee Sang-il.)
Nitaboh Nishizawa Akio 90 mins
The Blossoming of Etsuko Kamiya Kuroki Kazuo 111 mins

There will also be foyer events such as origami and sumi-e demonstrations and workshops.

The catch is you are only allowed to go to a single film for free. You are allowed to bring a guest however. I suppose it is a possibility for two people to get together and escort each other so you can see 2 films. It’s equitable I suppose but last year the screening I went to was only half full. Bafta is has a nice cinema and an event like this is one of the few ways to go to it.

Anyhow, application is by email and first come first served. Details are at the Japanese Embassy site. (If the web site was more technically adept it could have been done more easily as a form on their site.) I’ve got my request in so it’s ok for everyone else to start writing.

If you want to see all the movies you can purchase a pass from BAFTA. individual films are £10 and a festival pass is £50 which is the same really unless you go to Memories of Tomorrow twice. If you’re a member of BAFTA the festival is free (but membership is restricted and expensive).

29. August 2007 by ロバート
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