JLPT 3 Kanji and Vocabulary Tests


日本語能力試験 直前対策 文字・語彙 3級 (国書刊行会

I decided that 直前対策 translates best as “cram session”.

This is another interesting little A5 sized book for JLPT3. It covers the first paper that tests vocabulary and kanji. It does this by giving you 15 mock tests. Intersperesed among these tests are vocabulary lists. No english. No explanations. But lot’s of practice. Lot’s of exposure to the words you need to know.

The tests are standard stuff.
The only slightly dissapointing note is they seem to be modelled on the test before the changes made 2 years ago. This means that there could be about 20 or so kanji omitted and the form of the questions in the end sections are slightly different.

In the actual test there are 5 questions in section IV where you are given a sentence then have to choose a sentence with a similar meaning from the four presented. In section V there are 5 questions where you are given a word and have to pick the sentence where that word is used correctly.
In this book there are 10 questions of the type found in Section IV and no section V.

That said this is still a useful book so you can concentrate on a particular part of the test. The word lists are useful as they are broken down by type and grouped by theme. This is much easier to memorise than a list of unrelated words.

As usual try to do these tests against the clock. 35 mins each. Then check your wrong and guessed answers. Check unknown words. Check what the sentences mean.

28. August 2007 by ロバート
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