JLPT 3 Grammar Exercises

Complete Master Series (cover)

Mie Shigeno, Kaoru Seki, Shizue Nishikimi (スリーエーネットワーク)

By the same publisher as Minna No Nihongo series, this is a fantastic little book. It is very well designed and laid out and easy to use.

It covers all the grammar needed for JLPT3. It is very hard to get hold of a list of what grammar is needed, unlike the lists of kanji you can find. This book has it. For that alone you should buy it. (It’s fairly cheap at 1200 円 )

There are 120 grammar points, most consisting of a single page or less. The book is mostly written in Japanese, with some brief explanations in English in places.
All the points have example sentences using vocabulary from JLPT3. There are also brief JLPT style multiple choice questions on each point. However as these are immediately below the point, it’s not too hard to choose the correct answer. The longer practice exercises at the end of each section and the comprehensive exercises are more useful I think.

It is possible to learn the grammar from this book, however the explanations are very brief. It might be more suitable as a revision tool. That said grammar points are usually brief. What is really needed is practice in using the grammar so it becomes second nature.
Studying Grammar using Japanese vocabulary and kanji from JLPT should be a cornerstone of your preparation for the test I think.

As usual in London you can find it at JP Books in Mitsukoshi and also in the Japan Centre.

The publisher, 3A Networks, has an extract on their site which includes the contents pages. It’s marked 立ち読み! (which I think is a wonderful phrase reminding me of all the people reading magazines in the bookstores of Japan.) This will give you a useful overview if you can’t find the book anywhere else.

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