JLPT Mock Test Level 3

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This book has 2 mock exam papers for JLPT level 3. Complete with sheets for you to mark answers on by filling in boxes just like the actual test and a CD for the listening portion.

Where it is better than the official past exam papers you can buy is the extras.

Firstly it fully explains the composition of the papers.
What each section is testing and what the questions are like.

Then it gives a suggested time for each section on the paper.
You should make a record of the time taken when you take your mock test. I slightly disagree with their breakdown and think you should give slightly more time to questions that give higher marks.

The answers have explanations for the trickier problems.
It explains why one answer is better than the others and gives a translation of key words. What is very useful is a transcript of the listening dialogues with the key sentences highlighted. Did you manage to pick out the important information?

You then analyse your test scores and times.
This allows you to see your weak points. In fairly stark terms. But it will allow you to concentrate you study where it’s most needed. I’m good at kanji I think so I’m tempted to spend time there when I really need to spend more time on gaining vocabulary.

Lastly there is a section aimed at improving your scores or at least raising them to a pass level. Based on the answers you got wrong in Test 1 it offers strategies for further study before taking Test 2 to see if you have improved. Although the book doesn’t give any suggestion for using Test 2 my plan is to take Test 1, analyse my score. Study. Study some more, take the official past papers then a month before the actual test take Test 2 and hope I will have substantially improved.

I think this is a better buy than the official past test papers. Although the more mock tests you can take the more you can judge your strengths and weaknesses and hopefully the more confident you’ll be when going into the test.

At the early stages of preparation I can’t find the time to do a full paper in a single day but instead I complete it over 3 days. Managing to get a good score in last years paper was a huge confidence boost! I thought my listening would be poor. However I found my reading speed has vastly improved from JLPT4 and my listening and grammar are better than I thought. My vocabulary is weak though. I obviously rely on dictionaries far too much when reading and writing.

I think that you’d need to be scoring 50% at this stage (4 months to go), otherwise save the exam fee and try next year. You should be able to pull up the extra 10% with some study. Ideally you’d go into the real test scoring 75% or more. Although it isn’t graded and you only need 60% to pass; 100% is where to aim for.

This is a Japanese book. Written mostly in Japanese but almost everything is translated into English, Chinese and Korean. I bought it on Amazon.jp but I’m sure I’ve seen it in the Japan Centre or JP Books in the basement of Mitsukoshi in London.

15. August 2007 by ロバート
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