World of Where

World of Where

Today I bought a little shareware program because it was on special offer.

World of Where is a geography quiz program. But the attraction for Japanese learners is that you can run it in Japanese. I bought it to help improve my katakana reading ability. As most places outside Japan have their names in katakana when playing a quiz as well as testing my knowledge of geography I hope it will speed up my sight reading of katakana.

The full program is available for Windows as well as MacOS. It covers the entire globe as political and physical maps although the physical maps could be more detailed I think. There is also a map of the solar system. Besides English and Japanese the program also runs in 10 other languages.

The demo program only allows access to Europe and the full program is a little expensive at $25.
The full program is also a little dissapointing in terms of Japanese as well. Unusually the section on Japan isn’t in Japanese. Also it only covers the main areas like Kantou and Chubu rather than the prefectures. Unfortunatly it can’t be customised or I might have made a more complete Japan map for it.

I don’t regret the $12 I spent, but for a bit of Japanese practice (if you know Europe) is to stick with the demo version.

14. August 2007 by ロバート
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