Better than YouTube, “Stage6″


I came across a new (for me) site today. Stage6 is high quality and less noise from people uploading phone clips.

They use the DivX codec to display video, so a full screen experience similar to DVD is possible. You will probably have to install the DivX components but it’s quick and available as a free download for MacOSX and Windows. The files can also be easily downloaded without the contortions you have to go through on YouTube. Searching and Tag filtering are also much better than YouTube.

For Japan otaku types there’s lots of stuff. jDrama, Anime, jPop, until of course it’s removed, but in the meantime enjoy and learn.

–update 28Feb08–
Since Feb28 2008 Stage6 is no more.
Between bandwidth costs, a fairly major hack and the dubious legality of most of the videos, I think the owners decided to call it a day. I expect that the above links no longer work.

I may end up deleting this post.

05. August 2007 by ロバート
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