iKaroke Tune Prompter


Make your own Karaoke videos for your iPod.

Griffin are giving away a small program which allows you to sync lyrics with a song and then export that as a video. It is available for both Mac OSX and Windows XP. If you provide them with feedback you can be entered into a free draw.

Principally the program is to complement Griffins $50 product iKaraoke. This is a microphone that attaches to an FM transmitter on your iPod allowing you to use your radio as a PA system for improptu Karaoke sessions! The module is also meant to remove the vocal from the tracks on the ipod but I don’t know how successful this is as I haven’t used the iKaraoke. In other software I have it is done by removing the centre part of a stereo recording; where the vocals normally are. However it is rarely successful and at best mutes the vocal.

The software is quite fun. You load in the track. (unfortunatly drm’d tracks won’t load so you may have to burn iTunes purchases to disk and re-import before you can use them in iKaraoke Prompter) Then load in Lyrics. You can search for lyrics using Google automatically using the program.

Then you sync the lyrics by playing the song and pressing the space key at the correct point when a word should be highlighted. Don’t worry if your timing is a bit out. You can go back and fine tune later.
For Japanese songs so far I prefer each word to be highlighted rather than use a sweep effect on playback. I also broke words into slyables using spaces to fine tune things a bit more. The drawback is it becomes slightly harder to read the lyrics. So far I’ve used romaji as being easier to read, but my plan is to try kana. Maybe I’ll try kanji, although I doubt I could get furigana to work in any intelligent way.

But I can now practice songs more easily. Give it a go. You’ll impress Japanese friends and will actually learn some new phrases and words along the way.

22. July 2007 by ロバート
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