DIY Techniques for Language Learners

DIY Techniques for Language Learners - cover

Maria Fernandez-Toro & Francis R Jones (CiLT)

This is an interesting textbook offering advice on how to study a language on your own. It’s not specifically about Learning Japanese, but gives methods for studying any language.

It has 2 main sections.

Section 1 looks at style of learning, your aptitude for self instruction, your experience in solo learning, and motivation. There are short questionnaires to help you diagnose problems you might have in some areas.

Section 2 gives 82 learning techniques divided amongst the four key skills; reading, writing, listening, and speaking; and the two building blocks; grammar and vocabulary.

It can help you find new inspiration if your study habits have become a bit stale. Especially useful for people going back to study after a long time or those studying on their own.

The only place I’ve seen that you can buy this book is direct from CILT’s suppliers.

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