Maniackers Design Fonts

A design group that makes many fonts for free download, mainly katakana display faces but there is one kanji font albeit without the full range of glyphs. The display fonts show just how difficult a language can be to read in unfamiliar fonts.

–update 29Apr08–

The kana display fonts are directly mapped to keys; therefore you type the characters directly rather than using Kotoeri input (or the IME in Windows). Leaving your keyboard in romaji input, select the font as AL (Roman characters) HA (Hiragana glyphs) or KT (Katakana glyphs) then type away.

This is one time a Japanese keyboard is really useful as the kana glyphs are printed on the keys.

This is the layout of the keyboard I have.
An Apple Japanese wireless keyboard.

Japanese Keyboard Layout

The underlying keyboard layout is the US keyboard.

US keyboard layout

Unfortunately the voiced characters using ゛and ゜are found using the shift key so a bit of guesswork is needed to find them especially for あいうえお and the ま row.

02. June 2007 by ロバート
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  1. On your keyboard, what do you do about the “RO” ?
    I don’t see it, and although my keyboard shows it, the mapping appears to be just like your keyboard shown on the website. I happen to have an Apple keyboard
    but I am using it with a Japanese text app that writes vertically. It is a wonderful
    app but it does somehow internally change some of the mapping of my
    apple keyboard. When I go back to an English text editor, no problem, RO is back where it belongs.

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