This is a small shareware program that allows you to make flashcard sets, organise them and run them on your Mac. It’s based around the concept of cards that have a question on one side and answer on the other that you use to quiz yourself on vocabulary. (Something that I don’t remember from school but it’s better than reading and trying to memorise whole lists.).

One of the advantages of a computer based system is you can have more than two sides to a card and can keep track of the ones you know more easily. You can print out your cards if you want and can also export them to an iPod. (But large text files don’t seem to work well on my first generation iPod and are very slow to load and scroll). Another good feature of iflash is that the author keeps a site where he encourages users to upload and download card sets and there are a number of good Japanese sets.

iFlash only costs $15 and I think it’s well worth it.

02. June 2007 by ロバート
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