Renting DVDs in the UK

For the ultimate in convenience I’d recommend For £15 a month you have unlimited DVD rentals. Its very easy. You set up an account online with your credit card. You then select about 20 DVDs from their database that are put in a queue. Then they send you three DVDs from the list (not necessarily the first ones but I think they come from as high up the list as possible). They come in slim plastic cases in a cardboard envelope by first class mail. There’s no problem in them fitting through a letterbox. You watch them then return them in the pre paid mailer. When the company gets one back they send you another from your list. There are no late fees as its a flat rate subscription and you don’t get the next film until you return the disc you have out. It’s brilliant.

The site is very well made and easy to use. It has lots of reviews; from other members, its own reviewers and Time Out reviews. There is also a member rating system.

They seem to have every DVD available in the UK including all the Anime series. There are 350+ discs of Japanese language titles. Which would keep most people busy for quite a while! They have a good selection of Japanese language films from directors like Miike Takashi, Kurosawa, and Ozu.

At £15 it’s excellent value when you consider that to buy a disc is £20 and high street rentals (if you can find Japanese titles) are about £4 plus the effort in going there.

01. June 2007 by ロバート
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