Japan’s national broadcaster has a weekly radio broadcast of Japanese for Beginners and Brush Up your Japanese. The episodes are available on their website.

They have recently redesigned their site and as well as looking so much better now more of the lessons are available online at one time. The previous 14 weeks are available as audio and all the transcripts are available. You still may have to wait a year for the audio to loop around to the episode you want.

Another problem is that the recordings are in real audio format. If you want to save them you will need to record them somehow. On a Mac I can recommend Audio Hijack.

On the plus side NHK will send you a free booklet of transcripts of the Brush Up your Japanese conversations if you fill in a form on the website. The Japanese for Beginners programs are available in many languages not just English.

01. June 2007 by ロバート
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