Buying DVDs

All the films above (except coming soon) are available on DVD.

Send It is a good internet store to purchase DVDs available in the UK.

The Japanese Center has many Japanese DVDs with subtitles for rent including the entire Ghibli collection and recent releases unavailable elsewhere in the UK.

If you feel adventurous you can try ordering direct from Japan with
For the slightly less adventurous there’s CD Japan that has a fully English site and even singles out films with English subtitles.

There’s also that pays the vat and duty on UK imports and whose site is in English. (And they operate as advertised when I ordered two discs from them. The discs seem to be imported to the UK then posted to you from this local distributor. Delivery took about 7 days after the discs had been sourced. The face price of the discs was 7120円 about £37 and I was charged £42 which I think is quite good for imported discs, being only slightly more than I’d expect to pay for a first release Arthouse DVD.)

One advantage of Japanese discs is that they can have Japanese subtitles, and sometimes even the kanji characters in subtitles are subtitled (furigana). I’ve found the subtitles can help me make out what has been said in Japanese — when I freeze frame to give myself time to read. And the soundtrack helps me find the pronunciation and meaning of kanji in the subtitles.

Japanese discs are Region 2 the same as Europe, but are NTSC not PAL (two incompatible TV formats) However NTSC discs will play on computers and most players also ought to play them without any problem (but it might be best to check before spending money). If ordering from Japan make sure there are English subtitles (- 英語 means English language, – 字幕 means subtitle) unless you are very sure of your Japanese abilities.

America of course has the largest amount of English dubbed and subbed DVDs available. (Subbed is best) Amazon is as good a place as any to look. You may get hit for duty on any imports to the EU and most non-EU stores now charge VAT on internet sales. You’ll also need a multi region hacked player to play region 1 discs.

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