Your Name in Kanji

Your Name in Kanji (cover)
Nobuo Sato, (Tuttle Publishing)

You know you’d like your name written in something that looks a bit more complex than Katakana. This book helps you out.

Mostly the book is a listing of common names with kanji renditions. The renditions are in several catagories. Purely phonetic, where the kanji are only used for their sound and meaning is ignored. Purely denotative, where the kanji convey the original meaning of the name but not its sound. And most interestingly several catagories of transcriptions that have sound and meaning although the meaning may not be the original English meaning. ( Should I try 鱸馬蛙妬 robaato – a donkey jealous of a frog or 名声燦然 meisei-sanzen fame and bright, the original old French meaning of Robert.)

For names not listed and surnames the author gives a chart of kanji to use for the syllables and guidance on how to go about transliterating them.

>In the end I like 驢馬跡 Now if I could figure out how to carve a hanko….

31. May 2007 by ロバート
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